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Massage is an art of working wonders
with the human body



Natalia Bezvuliak, practising her favorite business more than 13 years, created the first "Studio of Massage Art" in Ukraine in summer 2014. She held the hard casting among masseurs and selected the best in her studio, real professionals, fans of their work and just good and positive people. These are professionals who become one sincere team and family.

Love has gone from the world, but while visiting Natalia Bezvuliak’s «Studio of Massage Art » everyone will receive that love, tenderness and care which he or she lacks in every day hustle and bustle. Masters return it and give it through their hands.


Наталія Безвуляк

Founder of the "Massage Art Studios" and "Professional School of Massage Art"
Certified SPA-master of the highest category. Practicing Master of Massage and Cosmetology with 14 years of experience. Owns more than 40 different massage techniques. Winner and Open Massage Championship of the Western Region. The winner in the All-Ukrainian tournament "The Battle of the Titans" with his own authored massage technique "Combination of Massage Cultures of the East and Europe". Massage teacher, whose students also win the Championships of Ukraine and Massage Tournaments.

Julia Kindrat

Administrator of the Massage Arts Studio

Oksana Plakhta

Graduated Master in Shugaring and Cosmetology.

Master of massage. Owns a variety of massage techniques. The professional of his business, who will always find an individual approach to each client.

Pryidun Volodymyr

Well known on medical and recreational methods.

Winner of IV Opening Championship of the Western Region for massage. Well known on medical and recreational methods.Perfectly possesses Spanish massage techniques and many Oriental techniques.

Yaryna Stefashko

Graduated Master of Massage and Cosmetology.
Yaryna is a gurus of medical massage. Her professionalism and care gives guests a sense of cheerfulness and a sense of happiness after every massage. She will skillfully and perfectly call any muscle that needs help. After massage with Yarin there is a feeling of fullness with strength and energy.

Viktoriya Lushpenko

An experienced master of massage, who is competently experienced in various massage techniques. The winner of the 3rd Open Massage Championship in the Western region in 2016.

Tetyana Korzh

Professional in SPA procedures. A graduated master who has many oriental techniques and a heavier mass.

Olenka Yakublyak

An experienced master, perfectly owns the technique of sports massage and oriental techniques

Yuliko Potapenko

Master of oriental massage techniques. Sculptures of the perfect face. Your guide in the field of therapeutic massage.

Andriy Levytsʹkyy

Graduated Master. Perfectly knows healing techniques and has an oriental massage.

Yuriy Bobryakov

A master who will help you choose a massage for you, and will familiarize yourself with the magic of relaxation and relaxation.

Anita Voloshyna

Perfectly possesses various massage techniques, and knows all the subtleties of relaxing massage.

We have young, talented and creative high-level professionals. They love their job; they study constantly learning the new techniques and gain new victories in massage championships, tournaments and competitions. Our masters of massage have different practices. In particular, these are recreational and therapeutic massages, relaxing, Thai, Spanish and exclusive Tibetan massage technique, author’s methods developed in our studio.



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