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Massage is an art of working wonders
with the human body


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Program of body shaping

Cellulite massage in Lviv

Because cellulite is not only an aesthetic problem but a symptom of swelling of the walls of blood vessels and circulatory disorders, this technique contributes to the overall improvement of the body. Massage strengthens blood vessels, stimulates blood circulation and the inflow and outflow of lymphatic tissue, helping to eliminate the signs of cellulite and excess body fat. Once the course is completed, the body will find more attractive silhouette. By improving skin tone and improve its structure and volume swelling decreases body fat, drop weight. This helps to normalize hormonal and endocrine system. In addition to these changes, most women notice a significant improvement in overall health and mood, increase resistance to stress and self-esteem.

Massage Pregnant Belly


Sessions focused on local effects on subcutaneous fat to improve blood circulation, the intestine and aesthetics silhouette patient. In addition, these procedures also help eliminate the symptoms of chronic zakrepiv.Kompleks action that leaves no chance of cellulite, thanks to the wide impact not only on the problem areas, but also in the organism as a whole. For each client cellulite treatments are selected individually from the previous diagnosis. Anti-cellulite program includes a combination of vacuum, sugar and traditional massage in Lviv , and different spa treatments Lviv. It improves blood circulation even in the smallest vessels, increase muscle tone, accelerate cell regeneration. The skin begins to breathe and recover, fat - burned overweight - melting.

Hardware shaping Lviv

The action program is not limited to the external result - it also has a positive effect on metabolism, speed up the withdrawal of toxins, improves the functioning of internal organs and systems . Significantly enhance this effect allows exclusive anti-cellulite serum created by a doctor of Tibetan medicine specifically for customers "Massage Studio Art ". The unique recipe combines only natural ingredients - oliyky and herbs that do not cause allergies and side effects. "Miraculous Serum" accelerates the burning of large quantities of fat, refreshes the skin and, as a result, eliminates stretch marks and obvyslosti. Recommended for recovery after childbirth and effective weight loss without adverse effects.





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