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Massage is an art of working wonders
with the human body


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Tantric massage for couples "Melody of Hearts"





The ancient science of love and passion gained a second wind - a unique massage technique specially created for couples. Session tantric massage for two holds one master - this allows you to build an energy bridge between man and woman, to remove negative blocks as within each and between them. Easy like tantric dance, massage blows the flame of passion, inspiration fills the body, adjusts to the sincerity and openness. This allows you to restore emotional and energetic link between the two worlds that after the procedure again feel halves of one whole.

Massage for couples in Lviv

Addition to massage a special entourage: rose petals, lit candles, fragrance oils overshadow the Eastern mind heady aroma and music leads the world in pleasure and harmony. The unique massage technique, developed by our massage parlor , impressed participants II Open Championship massage in Western Ukraine and received IV honorable place in the "Opening Championship ". And we're especially proud that Tantric massage for couples makes sense from everyday routine returns them freshness and sets two hearts on a wave - a wave of sincere mutual love!

Tantric massage

«Tantra", translated into Ukrainian means "connection" that best explains the essence of tantric massage technique. Theory tantryky means by erogenous zone is not any specific area of ​​the body, touching which leads to the abuse and sexual pleasure, and says that the center of all the senses is based, above all, a human head that all our body is the only erogenous zone. The ability to establish contact between the partners allows every touch in different areas of the physical body and make lustful desirable.

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