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Massage is an art of working wonders
with the human body


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Spanish massage (chiromassage)





The real Spanish massage, which works for the rehabilitation of all systems. Engineering profound impact plastic and special methods give spectacular results and can achieve total relaxation of facial muscles and body. As a result of massage improves the function of the joints, nervous and cardiovascular systems, increased muscle tone, returning a sense of lightness and joy.

Spanish body Chiromassage

Chiromassage is one of the world's most popular techniques which included the various methods of classical and oriental massage systems. This technique finds use not only as a medical procedure but as prevention of aging in general and individuals in particular, as well as various aesthetic procedures aimed at weight reduction, correction of cellulite etc. The results will amaze you as you want to come back to us again and again Indeed, in the hands of our massage therapists secret of youth and health! Technology Chiromassage runs on 4 levels with muscular system and its functions: the nervous, cardiovascular, muscle and bone - joint system. A wide variety of massage techniques allows each time to create completely original massage, avoid the effect of habituation to the tactile effects and keep for a long time 100% result.

Spanish Chiromassage face

This massage technique consists of three sections: the work of the facial muscles, problem solving peryorbytalnoy area zones eyes and décolleté, restore tone and turgor all layers and tissues. The main advantage of Spanish massage is that it removes the underlying causes of age-related changes, including morschyn. Spanish massage is recommended to undergo 10 procedures per month. To extend the effect achieved is necessary once in 1-2 weeks for 3-6 months to come to sustaining massage in Lviv . Such care most complete and provides a good anti-aging results. Also in our cabin present original massage with bamboo sticks that complement your harmony.

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