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Massage is an art of working wonders
with the human body


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Tibetan Ku Nye massage in Lviv





The wisdom of Tibet - a unique technology massage Ku Nye . No wonder the effect of this procedure is comparable to meditation - the mind is cleared of negative thoughts, and the body gets rid of the pain. Engineering Tibetan massage Ku Nye helps find a balance between the spiritual and the physical, fills the vital forces and fresh ideas. The mild and pleasant massage Ku Nye is an effective system to support relaxation of the body and mind in a state of balance maximum health vitality beauty and health. Its history spans 3,900 years of experience masters and improvement techniques. And the massage Lviv surprisingly diverse and includes oil massage and yoga massage joints

Technology Tibetan massage Ku -Nye

It is held on the mat under the load of the master, very deeply but gently massage begins with a point, then goes into the body Oiling special oils and working joints, muscular corset.

Tibetan massage Ku Nye:

  • relieves stress and depression,
  • improves circulation,
  • prevents osteoarthritis,
  • improves sleep,
  • stabilizes pressure,
  • harmonises the activity of the nervous system,
  • improves lymph flow,
  • increases the elasticity of muscles
  • strengthens joints
  • increases stress

For long-term effect it is recommended to take a course of five sessions of massage every day or every other day, and consolidate effect two weeks 1-2 massages. One session lasts 55 minutes. worked out well head, neck, shoulder, joints, shoulders and forearms, back, sidnychtsi muscle coccyx. Paying more processed and uncomfortable body. We also provide services Thai massage .

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