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Massage is an art of working wonders
with the human body


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The best from East and West is combined in the unique technique of Natalia Bezvulyak. This technique allows expanding the healthy effect on the human body and finding of the individual solutions for each client having absorbed the most effective elements of Tibetan, Thai, Ayurvedic and European massages.

In the author's technique different methods are combined harmoniously: stretching the tendons from Thai massage, work with the meridians and energy channels from Tibetan massage, release of biologically active points from European massage. Complex technique works in a wide spectrum affecting the muscles, tendons and spine. And the wealth of techniques allows their combining for the needs of everyone offering the most effective solutions for wellness and relaxation.

It’s no wonder that the massage of Natalia Bezvulyak accorded a wide recognition both among professionals and among numerous clients. This method won the First Championship of massage in Western Ukraine and was the best in the All-Ukrainian competition of advanced author’s massage techniques "Battle of the Titans". But a happy smile of those, who have experienced its healing effects, is the best evidence of the effectiveness of a unique method.

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