Free massage
for a birthday


If you have a birthday  – You are good
opportunity to take advantage of the gift
from the Studio of Massage Art Natalia Bezvulyak,
and choose for free:

1) Thai massage of the neck and head
2) Foot massage

Now spa procedures are very popular not only among women, but also in men. However, which ones bring the most benefit, and which ones are desirable to keep – few people know. It often happens that coming to the salon, you are very easy to get lost, because they offer a lot of different procedures and complexes for the body.

Water is the main ingredient in a spa, it is used almost every session, ranging from wraps and ending with thermal baths. After all, in the translation of “spa” means “health by water”. All these procedures are designed to make your body beautiful, release the body from slags and toxins, and establish a process of metabolism and blood circulation.

We always have to look at all the hundred, so it’s worth thinking about choosing a particular procedure. The spa will help you fight against cellulite and overweight, which is relevant at any time of the year. You can completely clean not only your body, but also the mind. The skin will breathe freely, it will be saturated with oxygen, which will restore its healthy color. And in due course, the first manifestations of aging will begin to disappear. During the session, you can relax, free your thoughts from all the problems and negatives that have accumulated over you for a long period of time. You will forget about everything and immerse yourself in the magic world of the spa.

Effect from Spa Treatments

Spa salon of Lviv Natalia Bezvulyak has only qualified and best specialists, masters of her business. We have positive feedback from our customers, because we care about each one of you. Therefore, you notice the effect of our procedures immediately. It is worth emphasizing that the effect of spa procedures you feel in a complex, rather than separate on some parts of the body or organs. For one session, you can solve some of your problems. This is the rejuvenation and improvement of the skin and the whole body.

After you try several different procedures, you will definitely determine what is best for you and that brings more qualitative effect. Our specialists are always happy to assist you in this matter. We guarantee you, with each procedure, you will experience more and more positive changes in your body. You will improve your mood and well-being. The skin color will become healthy, and fatigue will disappear immediately. Prices in our spa salon will surprise you and you will become our regular customer.

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