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Chocolate wrap

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What is a chocolate massage?

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Chocolate wrap is a spa treatment that you can try at Natalya Bezvulyak's Studio of Massage Art. This procedure will appeal to everyone without exception, and especially - to those who love chocolate, because he is the basis of this massage. This is an incredible procedure that takes you to another world, charming chocolate scents fill the whole room and you relax so that you do not want to go back to the real world. That chocolate wrap is not only nice, but also useful, not least for slimming. Therefore, if you want to get maximum pleasure and benefit in one session, chocolate
wraps is just what you need.

Features of Chocolate Wrap:

  • Have a relaxing spa treatment;
  • Positively affects the body, makes it elastic and healthy;
  • Moisturizes dry skin;
  • An effective anti-cellulite remedy;
  • Helps fight overweight;
  • Along with the wrap, a massage is performed, which enhances the effect of the entire procedure
Give massage to relatives and relatives!

A gift that will be appreciated by everyone!


Spa-chocolate wraps at the Massage Arts Studio Natalia Bezvulyak is not just a relaxing procedure but a comprehensive approach to improving and relaxing your body. The basis of the procedure is the chocolate wrap – a special blend of cosmetic chocolate and massage oils is applied to the body, and then wrap you in a thermo blanket for the best effect. But at the same time, the massage is done right before the wrap, so that you can relax as quickly as possible and tune in to the right order. The tricks that are performed during this massage are reminiscent of relaxing massage – they are slow, unobtrusive, relaxing.

Influence of chocolate wrap on human body

Chocolate wrap is an incredibly enjoyable procedure that greatly affects our body. First, such a massage moisturizes the skin and saturates it with nutrients. In addition to the chocolate flavor, you will still have a long silk smoothness and tenderness, comfort and pleasure. And, oddly enough, chocolate wrap helps to lose weight. By improving the condition of adipose tissue and speeding up blood circulation by wrapping, we start the process of burning fat and we can adjust the shape. This is not only a painless way to get rid of excess, it is also extremely enjoyable.

Chocolate wrap has one more advantage, which should not be forgotten – emotional reboot. Being in such an unusual environment, we relax and relax the soul, sometimes it is even more important than the state of physical comfort. And yet such a spa treatment in Lviv will become a wonderful gift for relatives, who from time to time need to pamper pleasant things, and what gift can be better than a wonderful vacation?

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