Chocolate wrap

Шоколадне обгортання у Львові
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Is it possible to get pleasure from a chocolate, if not to eat him?

At first it can show oneself magic. But exactly supernatural forces are used in to the studio Deluxe by of Bezvuliak. Unique procedure – a chocolate massage is in Lviv able to give to you at most pleasure.

It not only weakening, but health and beautiful skin. In what reason of all useful properties of this procedure? In that over 40% substances, that contact with Your body, mastered through a skin. And in time chocolate wrap, reviews about that it is possible to read on all spaces of the Internet, mastered Your body at most useful properties from the cacao of bobs.

In a result, you get both weakening effect and health. Id est from the visit of our studio for you only one pluses.

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That will you get due to procedure of chocolate massage?

  1. Prophylaxis to the cellulitis and improvement of metabolism due to a caffeine, that is in a chocolate.
  2. More smooth and resilient skin that is the positive effect of oils.
  3. Peeling of epithelium by the particles of cacao of bobs
  4. Aromatherapy
  5. Relaxation of total-body.
Chocolate wrap

Безкоштовний масаж
на день народження


Якщо у Вас  день народження – Ви маєте гарну
нагоду скористатися подарунком
від Студії Deluxe by Bezvuliak,
і обрати для себе безкоштовно до будь-якої процедури:

1) Тайський масаж шиї та голови
2) Фут масаж

In what feature of this procedure?

Chocolate wrap not so a long ago was popular only in the New World, but already became a fashionable trend in Europe. In a studio Deluxe of by of Bezvuliak you will get the complex dose of pleasure and rejuvenation.

Our important advantage is the use exceptionally of quality mixture of Spa-Chocolate. She prepares necessarily from a bitter chocolate (However Your body will feel bitter taste). Simply in this type of chocolate kept at most to the benefit, namely there are microelements and vitamins in him.

To you, certainly interestingly, what is such procedure begun with? First on a certain area bodies inflict the mixture prepared in good time. To do it more effective, mixture of chocolate is warmed up on water bath. Whereupon gradually inflict bodies on areas. For the complex weakening a chocolate massage is in Lviv conduct smooth motions.

To whom the shown massage?

If you have small violations of health, then a chocolate you will help necessarily. you are important to try our procedure, if look after :

  • a few superfluous kilograms;
  • first displays of cellulitis;
  • stress or depression;
  • loss of elasticity of your skin;
  • weak metabolism;
  • first signs of aging of skin.

Certainly, for us there is the very important state of Your health. For this reason we want to warn, in what cases it is better to restrain from Chocolate wrap in Lviv. First of all pay attention to next risk factors:

  • disease of epithelium;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • inflammatory processes are on a skin;
  • tumours (both malignant and of high quality);
  • pregnancy;
  • an allergy is on a chocolate;
  • disease of lymph.

Useful recommending the first clients

Before to be written down to the studio Deluxe by of Bezvuliak on a reception, to get healthy brilliance of skin, you every day can be consulted with our specialist. It will help you to know more detailed about procedure, in relation to contra-indications and as far as will profit for you chocolate massage. Prices on this procedure depend on time of her realization.

Id est you can order a hour, one and a half or even 2 hours pleasure. All depends exceptionally on that, as far as you boss to it sometimes, that we very value him. For this reason offer flexible terms for the receipt of pleasant service.

We do you happy, healthy and satisfied. And to you for this purpose it costs to be only written down on a chocolate massage in a studio Deluxe by of Natalia Bezvuliak.

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