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Classic back massage

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Classic back massage is the base for many other types of massage and the basis of massage skills. He is very often chosen to rest, relax and get rid of fatigue. Along with this, it has a strong healing effect, and has an incredible effect on the human body. Thanks to various techniques, this massage can be easily adapted to the individual needs of the client. The masters of the Massage Studio of Natalia Bezvulyak will be able to carry out the ideal classical back massage, taking into account your health, age and wishes - that it is as effective as possible for you.

Features of classical massage:

  • Is the basis of many massage techniques.

  • Performed with a recreational purpose.

  • Recommended for diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

  • It helps to reduce pain.

  • It is carried out taking into account the individual characteristics of the client.

Indications for classical massage:

  • Emotional and physical fatigue.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Strengthening of joints and ligaments.
  • Swelling and pain.
  • Restoration of injured tissues.
  • Increase muscle efficiency


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Classic back massage is one of the most effective therapeutic massages. It has long been used as a means of treating the musculoskeletal system and a method of general improvement of the body.

The birthplace of modern classical massage is Sweden. Its founder is Per Henrik Ling, who was able to scientifically prove the practical importance of massage and developed a set of exercises aimed at supporting the musculoskeletal system. At that time, his discovery was revolutionary, because by the middle of the XIX century in the Western world, massage was considered an unnecessary procedure. But the more massage was applied in practice, the more convinced of its effectiveness. In the early twentieth century, scientists have already divided the effect of massage on the mechanical, neuroreflex, humoral, psychological.

The influence of classical massage on the human body
The main field of activity of the masseur is the elimination of problems associated with the musculoskeletal system. And the main attention is paid to the actual mechanical effect on the human body. Thanks to rubbing and grinding, metabolic processes in the body are accelerated, blood and lymph circulation improves, the skin is saturated with oxygen, joints are kneaded. Classic back massage is an effective tool for eliminating pain and discomfort.

The action of classical massage on the well-being of a person
One of the brightest and least scientifically researched is the psychological effect of massage. Thanks to him, the mood improves, well-being, a feeling of lightness appears. Psychologists say that massage, like no other way, allows us to relax and relax emotionally. This is closely related to the neuroreflex action of classical massage – when a person is comfortable, the nervous system is at rest, it sends impulses to the brain, signaling about safety and optimal performance. And of course, such an atmosphere is favorable for the release into the body of “positive” hormones – oxytocin and dopamine. They are responsible for the feeling of happiness on the physical level.

Classical back massage is necessary for everyone who lives and works in a big city, like Lviv, people with a sedentary or inactive way of life, those who are under constant stress and work a lot. It can make life easier for people with back problems, pains or recent injuries. And this massage, like no other, requires a complex individual approach – therefore, the masters of the Massage Studio will take into account all the factors in order to hold the best massage in Lviv.

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