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Cupping massage Qi Sue Ton

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The can (vacuum) massage is a universally recognized means of combating various diseases. It has long been noted that it has a positive effect on immunity, so it was very often prescribed to improve its performance. This massage is performed in the Massage Studio of Natalia Bezvulyak with the help of special cans, which are arranged in a certain order on the body. This procedure is absolutely painless, but very effective for many body systems. A can of massage is one of the best ways of healing the body without using medications or other means, because in fact it allows you to run the body to its fullest and make it more durable, hardy and healthy.

Features of a can (vacuum) massage

  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Expands capillaries
  • Is an effective tool to combat cellulite
  • Helps fight against diseases of the upper respiratory tract
  • Improves the performance of internal organs
  • Relieves of pain in muscles, joints
  • Improves the functioning of the musculoskeletal system
  • Improves lymph flow
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History of can massage
Massage can be not only relaxing, but also healing. The best way to make sure of this is to visit a can of massage in the Studio of Massage Art of Natalia Bezvulyak and feel its effect on yourself.

Banks for many centuries used as a remedy. Especially often – for the treatment of the respiratory system. Later, they began to notice their positive impact on other systems and now they are used in the light of an integrated approach.

The principle of the robotic can massage

The principle of the cans is simple – they are placed on the body so that a vacuum is formed and held for a certain time. As a result, all negative and harmful substances as if rise to the surface of the skin and are withdrawn through it. In addition, the banks are a kind of irritant for the body – they stimulate immunity and cause our body to produce more hormones and substances aimed at increasing the body’s supporting function.

Effect of can massage on the human body

During the can massage, the capillaries expand and the lymphatic drainage improves. This is necessary in order that the capillaries are not clogged, and all harmful substances are pushed out. The more intensively the body works, the fewer negative substances remain in it, and they do not harm the human body.

Very often, cannabis massage is used as an anti-cellulite drug – they are put on problem areas and from this cellulite dissolves faster, the orange peel disappears and in general the skin becomes smooth and supple.

Since can massage is massage after all, in order to relieve tension and relax, the human body first warms up, and then relaxes with mild massage movements using massage oils.

How to increase the effectiveness of can massage

In order for the effect of the massage to be long and effective, it is necessary to take care of yourself after the session: it is advisable to rest and not overexert, at least on the day of the massage, not to use anything that can dilate the vessels, make sure that the body not supercooled and not overheated, it is desirable to avoid strong physical exertion and allow yourself to rest.

Especially actual can massage is in the off-season and cold season – just when there is not enough vitamins, sunlight, weather conditions change and we become more sensitive to everything. You can and need to be tempered in various ways, and vacuum massage at the Massage Studio will be an excellent way to consolidate the result.

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