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Massage in 8 hands

Massage in 8 hands

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60 min
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Massage details:

If you began to notice the first signs of health deterioration, skin problems or feel tired quickly, visit the Four Arts of Nature Massage in Lviv. It is intended for people with:

  • The first manifestations of cellulite.
  • Constant stress.
  • Nervous job.
  • Slow metabolism.
  • Deterioration of skin properties (loss of elasticity and appearance of first wrinkles).
  • The initial stage of osteochondrosis and neurodynia.
  • Rehabilitation period after injuries and fractures.
  • Chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer of the stomach or duodenum.

Certainly, the massage in eight hands, comments hereon you can read on the website, will not be useful to everyone without exception. Therefore, in order not to harm your health, it is better to consult a specialist, since each individual case will have its recommendations. For example, a massage will be contraindicated in case of:

  • The presence of a tumor (benign and malignant).
  • Skin diseases.
  • The inflammatory process in the body.
  • Blood diseases.
  • Purulent processes (any localization).
  • Bleeding or predisposition hereto.
  • Allergic diseases.
  • Mental diseases with excessive excitement.

What are the features of the four arts of nature massage?

On the part of physiology, massage is unique, because within the time spent on a large number of massages, you get actually four types of massage at once. While one of the masters stretches the back, the other – legs, then the hands so that every minute you feel pleasure all over the body.

During the Four Arts of Nature Massage not only the body but also the brain is resting. After all, the nervous system does not have time for all the movements of the masseur and that is why it relaxes. Consequently, such a procedure is compulsory with nervous stress and strain.

If you need new impressions and do not want to leave the city of Lviv, the massage in eight hands in Lviv is an ideal option for relaxing with pleasure. After all, the studio is located in the very center of the city.

Helpful massage tips

If you decided to visit the massage studio for the first time, but do not have any contraindications, you can consult with our specialist at any time to familiarize yourself with the massage in eight hands in Lviv. Ask him any questions and find out details.

We will find the best possible time for you for the massage in eight hands, and the cost of the procedure will depend on the length of the session. Massage can be ordered for one, one and half or two hours, depending on your free time.

We are waiting for you in the studio of massage art Deluxe by Natalia Bezvuliak to improve your health and gain new impressions.

What are the best ways to relieve fatigue and stress?

Perhaps, massage will be one of the best options. Nothing relaxes so much as the hands of the experienced master. And imagine that instead of one masseur professionals will conduct the procedure. All this becomes a reality in the studio of massage art Deluxe by Natalia Bezvuliak.

The massage in 8 hands in Lviv is unique in its area. The four experienced masters synchronously massage all areas of your body, creating a single massage picture. While you are relaxing and getting impressions, your body is filled with energy and strength.

The Four Arts of Nature Massage in eight hands, which prices will pleasantly surprise you, requires an extraordinary level of skill to provide the maximum health effect. Therefore, it is not surprising that now there is so little places where you can get such a service.

Popular questions

Each type of massage has its own characteristics and is therefore suitable for a specific situation. For example, “Volcano of Emotions” or “Tantric” will help you relax.
But if you want to feel something special, then try “Fantasy Master”. There are also special massages that are suitable for two loved ones.

If you have chronic diseases or other contraindications, it is better to consult your doctor before the procedure. He will already advise you which massage can be used in your case.
However, if one massage is better not to do for health reasons, you can always try another. For example, having an effect on other parts of the body.

Rebooting is one of those massages that is definitely worth a try at least once in your life. This is an opportunity to adjust the work of the body in the right way and significantly recover.
People who often use this procedure are less likely to catch a cold, better tolerate seasonal illnesses and do not suffer from joint pain.

In fact, you will already feel great after the first massage. But in order to consolidate the effect for a long time, it is desirable to take a short course of 5-7 sessions.
Then you will feel great for a long time. And also you will be filled with energy for new purposes.

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Massage in 8 hands?

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