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Couples massage “Tune for two hearts”

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About tantric massage

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Love is a great art that needs to be constantly improved and developed. Tantric massage "Melody of Hearts" in the Massage Studio of Natalia Bezvulyak will help you to discover new aspects of your relationship, to look at each other in a completely different way, to brighten up the fire of love even more vividly. This massage is performed simultaneously by one master for a couple in love. In order that you can relax and fully enjoy the "Melody of Hearts" massage, we created an unforgettable atmosphere with muted light, easy pleasant music, and the smells of aromatic candles will take you to a completely different world of pleasure and pleasure.

Features of the massage "Melody of Hearts"

  • Developed by a unique technique
  • It is performed by one master simultaneously for a couple in love
  • Belongs to energy and meditative massages
  • Promotes relaxation and calmness.
  • Fills with new energy and adjusts to a positive way
  • Creates an atmosphere of openness and mutual understanding
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History of Tantric Massage
Tantric massage “Melody of Hearts” is a great way to spend time with your loved one. You will be able to discover something new and relax to the fullest.

The word “tantra”, from which the name of the massage comes, is translated as a link, unity. It occurs from the ancient Indian language, where the practice of meditation and energy union has evolved over many centuries. Tantric massage is aimed at the unification of the male and female principles, their harmonious coexistence. There are various options and techniques for carrying out such a massage, an individual approach, an understanding of what you want from a massage, and harmony with yourself and your partner are important here.

Features of the Tantric massage

The “Melody of Hearts” massage is performed by a unique method. The master executes it simultaneously for a pair, applying uniform symmetrical movements for each of the partners. Thus, you simultaneously experience the same sensations, which additionally unites you with each other. The emphasis in such a massage is done precisely on the energy and emotional component, it requires openness and sincerity. The more you relax, the more effective the massage. Due to the fact that the massage is performed by one master, an incredible exchange of energy takes place, you are filled with new forces and gain new impressions.

Effect of Tantric Massage on Man

Massage The melody of hearts allows you to discover your inner potential. Firstly, you can establish close contact with a partner, make you even closer, you will feel the full power of love in a new way. Secondly, such a massage is a great opportunity to relax, do not think about anything and just enjoy each other. And thirdly, tantric massage is an opportunity to experience new sensations, to experiment and spend time with joy and benefit. Together to do something with a loved one is a real pleasure, and to attend a massage session is a paradise pleasure.

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