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+38(097)333 14 88 +38(093)097 23 25

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About us
About us

In our Massage Studio you can choose your own way achievement of the ideal, because we only have the widest range of services in the field massage that suits you. If you want to feel yourself beneficial effect of massage, trust our massage masters with many years of experience and who are the winners of the championships and not only.

Massage Arts Studio was created for the very first time for the sake of people and for people Our mission is to help people achieve I will rest, peace, harmony and be able to find myself. The first step for this is to learn how to relax and get fun of life. Our masters own more than thirty the techniques of massage, then with joy and ease will give you this unforgettable feeling.

Our Studio for residents and guests of Lviv is always a holiday for the soul and body. Combination of an individual massage program with other procedures Helps to change the lives of many people, not only boosting its quality, but also contributing to its duration. We guarantee all our guests an individual approach and suggestions from taking into account the needs and wishes of everyone. It is here that you will find awareness of yourself, rethinking your feelings and thoughts. Massage is art to create miracles with the human body! N. Bezvulyak

Our team

We have young, talented and creative high-level professionals. Those who love their work, constantly learn to master new techniques and gain new victories in massage championships, tournaments, competitions. Our masters of massage have different practices. In particular, healing and therapeutic massages, relaxing, Thai, Spanish, as well as exclusive techniques of the Tibetan massage, by author's techniques developed in our studio.

Natalia Bezvuliak

Founder of the Professional School and Massage Studio Natalia Bezvulyak. In 2015 I entered the “50 Most Successful Women of Lviv Region” in 2017 at “100 The Most Successful Women of Ukraine “. In 2018 it got in the rating of “500
Authoritative Women of Ukraine » Winner in the Open Massage Championship of the Western Region. The winner of the All-Ukrainian tournament “The Battle of the Titans” with his own Author’s technique “Combination of Massage Cultures of the East and Europe »
Certified SPA-master of the highest category. Practicing Master of Massage and Cosmetology with 14 years of experience Has 44 different massage techniques from medical to eastern. All Certificates confirming are available.
Teacher of massage students who also win on Championships, Massage Tournaments.

Victoria Luspenko

An experienced master of massage, who is competently experienced in various massage techniques. The winner of the 3rd Open Massage Championship in the Western region in 2016.

Lesia Fediv

Graduated Master of Massage . Lesia is a gurus of therapeutic massage and spa treatments.

Oksana Plakhta

Has a variety of massage techniques. Proffessional of his affair,
who will always find an individual approach to each client.

Tatyana Skorodilkina

Graduated Master. Perfectly own oriental techniques and spa massages.

Oksana Chuk

Graduated Master. Will help you to find the exact massage you need. Always listen to your needs and give you proper advice.

Julia Geryn

Graduated Master. Perfectly knows healing techniques and has an oriental massage.

Julianna Petsuh

Graduated Master. Perfectly own oriental techniques and spa massages.

Olena Yakublyak

An experienced master, perfectly owns the technique of sports massage and oriental techniques.

Bokalo Ivanna

Master of oriental massage techniques. Your guide in the field of therapeutic massage.
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