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+38(097)333 14 88 +38(093)097 23 25
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Масаж - це мистецтво
творити дива з людським організмом
Масаж - це мистецтво
творити дива з людським організмом
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Studio of Massage Art

Natalia Bezvulyak

Our massage salon combines the best relaxing, wellness massage traditions of Asian and European countries: Tibetan, Thai, Ayurvedic, Spanish massages, Stone therapy, Massage with Thai Dzi herbal bags and many of their own author’s techniques, which have repeatedly won the victory. on the “Championships of Ukraine on Massage”, “Championships of Western Ukraine on Massage”, at the All-Ukrainian MassageProfi Tournament, on the All-Ukrainian Battle of Titans, and also earned the love and recognition of clients.

After everyday hustle and bustle, we all want to relax from the affairs and relieve the burden of everyday worries and anxieties. Very often, we do not even notice how in the race for success and achievements we spend our energy, health and pay attention to the path of self-improvement. As a result, our health is suffering – physical and spiritual. In order to restore your condition and to be filled with inspiration and goodness, we have created the best spa salon in Lviv and the ideal team.

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Free birthday massage

Dear our guests and customers!
If you have a birthday or a birthday, you have a good opportunity to take a gift from the Studio of Massage Art of Natalia Bezvlyak, and choose for yourself for free:

1) Thai massage of the neck and head

2) Foot Massage

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Chocolate wrap

Spa-chocolate wraps at the Massage Arts Studio Natalia Bezvulyak is not just a relaxing procedure but a comprehensive approach to improving and relaxing your body. The basis of the procedure is the chocolate wrap – a special blend of cosmetic chocolate and massage oils is applied to the body, and then wrap you in a […]

Stone therapy

Spa-therapy therapy is a very exotic massage that is performed using special stones. For this procedure can used cold, hot, or combined stones (alternate use of hot and cold). In the Studio of Massage Art Natalia Bezvylyak perform hot stone massage, and the effect of such massage is truly miraculous. Different stones are used for […]

Thai massage

Thai massage has a long history. Along with Tibetan, Chinese, Indian and other practices, Thai massage is considered to be one of the oldest and most effective. For a long time it was practiced by people who were engaged in martial arts – they strengthened their bodies and rested at the same time. According to […]

Honey back massage

Honey massage is one of the most pleasant ways to fight cellulite, which tones up the skin, makes it pleasant to the touch and silky. Useful properties of honey are not a secret to anyone, but usually talk about its consumption in food, and not applying to the body. Now honey massage is becoming more […]

Spanish massage

History of Spanish chiromassage Spanish chiromassage is a relatively new, but very effective means of restoring the body. His story begins in the twentieth century, when the doctor Ferrandis was able to combine the classical European massage techniques with the oriental ones, which only began to appear in Western Europe. Despite the skepticism of traditional […]

Foot massage

The history of foot massage Foot massage is often performed together with massages that are performed on the entire body. The feet are one of the most sensitive points on the human body, they can regulate the work of the internal organs and affect the well-being. Therefore, they are given a lot of attention. When […]

Наталя Кот

Відвідали студію масажу з донькою, на рецепції дуже мила дівчина попросила зачекати декілька хвилин до прийому, видала одноразові тапочки. Я обрала спортивний масаж, а донька – єгипетський. Дуже задоволені! Чисто (що для мене дуже важливо), масаж на високому рівні, приємний та турботливий персонал. Атмосферно, ненав’язливий запах аромомасел, приємна музика, яка дозволяє розслабитись вже входячи до […]

Оксана Кровіцька

…коли я домовлялася про сеанс, мені порадили захопити з собою гарний настрій) Відповідно налаштувавшись я була у належний час на місці. Відразу за відчиненими дверима мене чекала привітна дівчинка, приємне з морозної вулиці тепло, гарна музика…. І це був тільки початок! Те, що було потім, важко сформулювати ( я збиралася написати все це цілісінький день))) […]

Konstantin Zakharov

Сегодня мы с женой были на массаже в студии. Я был первый раз в отличии от второй половинки, которая там уже была около 10 раз и посоветовала мне прийти. Нам всё понравилось. Сразу бросилось в глаза то, что персонал очень приветливый и вежливый, все, кого мы встретили, были расположены к нам и внимательны. Нам предложили […]


street Cyril and Methodius 3, Lviv, Lviv region, 79005

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