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All Health Beauty Exclusive
top Pink recovery Order a service
Pink recovery
2800-3400uah 120-120min
top Fantasy of the master Order a service
Fantasy of the master
1850-2900uah 90-120min
Couples massage “Tune for two hearts” Order a service
Couples massage “Tune for two hearts”
2500-4000uah 60-90min
top Rehabilitation therapy Order a service
Rehabilitation therapy
1150-2700uah 60-120min
Author’s massage Order a service
Author’s massage
1100-2350uah 60-120min
Massage in 4 hands Order a service
Massage in 4 hands
2200-4000uah 60-90min
top Dream of Padishah Order a service
Dream of Padishah
3500-4200uah 60-60min
top Aromatic oil massage with candles Order a service
Aromatic oil massage with candles
1300-2050uah 60-90min
top Stone therapy Order a service
Stone therapy
1150-2700uah 60-120min
top Ayurvedic massage Order a service
Ayurvedic massage
2100-3200uah 90-120min
top Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi Nui Order a service
Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi Nui
2100-3200uah 90-120min
top Rehabilitation therapy by Kateryna Bezvulyak Order a service
Rehabilitation therapy by Kateryna Bezvulyak
1150-2200uah 60-120min
Non-surgical contour modeling of the face Order a service
Non-surgical contour modeling of the face
1400-1700uah 90-90min
top Face massage “Magic of youth” Order a service
Face massage “Magic of youth”
1150-1400uah 90-90min
top Anti-cellulite massage with wrapping Order a service
Anti-cellulite massage with wrapping
1750-2700uah 90-120min
Anti-cellulite massage with WOW effect Order a service
Anti-cellulite massage with WOW effect
3200-5600uah 90-120min
Body peeling Order a service
Body peeling
1100-1300uah 60-60min
top Peeling + Body wrapping Order a service
Peeling + Body wrapping
1700-2500uah 90-120min
Chocolate wrapping Order a service
Chocolate wrapping
1400-1700uah 90-90min
“Thai Dzi” Spa bags Order a service
“Thai Dzi” Spa bags
1600-2500uah 90-120min
“Easy Walk” Recovery Massage Order a service
“Easy Walk” Recovery Massage
1200-1450uah 90-90min
top Shanti-Reboot Order a service
2700-3500uah 90-120min
Paradise for two Order a service
Paradise for two
5000-6000uah 120-120min
top A volcano of emotions Order a service
A volcano of emotions
2500-3000uah 60-60min
Massage in 8 hands Order a service
Massage in 8 hands
4800-5700uah 60-60min
Massage in 10 hands Order a service
Massage in 10 hands
5800-7000uah 60-60min
Shanti Massage Order a service
Shanti Massage
1600-2800uah 60-120min
Children’s massage Order a service
Children’s massage
800-950uah 45-45min
Massage for pregnant women «Beautiful mother» Order a service
Massage for pregnant women «Beautiful mother»
1100-1300uah 60-60min
Thai massage Order a service
Thai massage
1300-2900uah 60-120min
Tok Sen Order a service
Tok Sen
1850-2200uah 90-90min
Foot massage Order a service
Foot massage
1000-1200uah 60-60min
Tibetan Massage Order a service
Tibetan Massage
900-1100uah 45-45min

Do you like massage? Few people can deny themselves this pleasure, because it is very pleasant and helps to fully relax to gain new strength. And in order to get it, all you have to do is order a massage in Lviv at Natalia Bezvulyak’s studio. And then you are definitely guaranteed incredible pleasure and wonderful rest.

Why do you need a massage?

The main reason why you should order a massage in Lviv is a very pleasant procedure. People come for us to enjoy life or start it again through complete rebirth. People with certain health problems often go for a massage. For example, it can be poor sleep, stress, depression, overweight and many other problems. And it is true that quality massage in Lviv is really able to significantly improve your physical condition so that you can feel much better. And if you do it regularly, you can forget about fatigue and bad mood for a long time. Because after each session you will be completely reborn.

Why order a massage in Lviv in our studio?

People mistakenly believe that massage is just a chaotic stroking and crumpling of the skin, but in reality it is a very complex system. It is necessary to properly work all the muscles in a particular area, not to damage the musculoskeletal system and provide the person with maximum pleasure from the procedure. To get the best massage in Lviv, all you need to do is contact us at the specified phone number. And that's all. You only need to take one step to get unearthly pleasure.

What cool massages should you definitely try?

In our studio you are offered a wide selection of interesting types of massages. They differ in many factors, so you can definitely choose the best option for yourself. What massages in Lviv should you try?

  • Reboot is suitable for those who want to change their lives. Start from the beginning, you can restore energy balance and achieve success in life.
  • Paradise for two is ideal if you want to experience incredible emotions with the object of your love. You will have the same pleasure together, which will unite the souls even more on an emotional level.
  • The volcano of emotions is a pair massage with the help of a volcanic stone that will bring you incredible pleasure.
  • 8-hand massage is a fourfold pleasure from a quality massage.
  • Tantric massage is a great opportunity to better understand your other half, be able to touch each other and discuss your feelings.
  • The imagination of the master is definitely not a classic massage. What you will feel during this massage session in Lviv, you will not be able to get anywhere else. Because the master selects techniques specifically for you.
  • Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi Nui – the use of various techniques that will allow you to get a unique relaxation for the whole body.

These are the author’s works of Natalia Bezvulyak, which you will definitely like. Unique programs created on the basis of a huge experience that will allow you to feel incredible relaxation and pleasure.



Popular questions

Each type of massage has its own characteristics and is therefore suitable for a specific situation. For example, “Volcano of Emotions” or “Tantric” will help you relax.
But if you want to feel something special, then try “Fantasy Master”. There are also special massages that are suitable for two loved ones.

If you have chronic diseases or other contraindications, it is better to consult your doctor before the procedure. He will already advise you which massage can be used in your case.
However, if one massage is better not to do for health reasons, you can always try another. For example, having an effect on other parts of the body.

Rebooting is one of those massages that is definitely worth a try at least once in your life. This is an opportunity to adjust the work of the body in the right way and significantly recover.
People who often use this procedure are less likely to catch a cold, better tolerate seasonal illnesses and do not suffer from joint pain.

In fact, you will already feel great after the first massage. But in order to consolidate the effect for a long time, it is desirable to take a short course of 5-7 sessions.
Then you will feel great for a long time. And also you will be filled with energy for new purposes.