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A gift that everyone deserves

You will be able to convince your parents mother, father and goddesses and emphasize their care about them. Such a gift will greatly rejoice your beloved or beloved, since you will be able to express your endless love and warmth of your heart.

Having been working for more than one year in the field of massage, with lots of background behind us, we know that such gifts forever remain in memory and hearts for many years. After all, health, positive emotions, caring is the best gift!

«Gift +» from 300 UAH - the service can be ordered as an addition to a gift certificate (on a choice: flowers, candies, fruits, champagne)

Massage in 4 hands

Tandem massage in 4 hands in the Massage Studio of Natalia Bezvulyak is a unique massage procedure that will give you twice as much pleasure and a double dose of recovery. This massage is performed simultaneously by two masters who synchronously study each part of your body while you rest and gain impressions. If you want to try something new, feel the whole healing power of the massage and recharge with incredible energy, do not hesitate - massage The tandem is created especially for you.

1400 uah
Tibetan Massage

Nowadays it is very important not to forget to relax and rest. Both the body and the brain require a reboot and relaxation. This was well known to the creators of Tibetan massage Ku-Nye, who developed a whole system of relaxation and renewal of the body. Massage Ku Nye contains elements of yoga, meditation and relaxation massage and is complex for the whole body. This unique massage you can feel on yourself thanks to the masters of the studio of massage art Natalia Bezvulyak, who offer to experience the ancient and useful technique of Tibet in Lviv.

470 uah
Cupping massage Qi Sue Ton

The can (vacuum) massage is a universally recognized means of combating various diseases. It has long been noted that it has a positive effect on immunity, so it was very often prescribed to improve its performance. This massage is performed in the Massage Studio of Natalia Bezvulyak with the help of special cans, which are arranged in a certain order on the body. This procedure is absolutely painless, but very effective for many body systems. A can of massage is one of the best ways of healing the body without using medications or other means, because in fact it allows you to run the body to its fullest and make it more durable, hardy and healthy.

530 uah
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