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A gift certificate for a massage that everyone will appreciate!

Do you want to congratulate on an important date and just do something nice to a loved one, mom, friend or colleague? Then bring a gift that you will definitely like – a gift certificate for a premium resort


Gift certificate for a massage in Lviv at the Deluxe by Bezvuliak Massage Center.

Massage is not only a type of relaxation or one of the cosmetic procedures, it is also a way to improve your health a little. People have been using massage for medicinal purposes for many centuries, but more recently, in cosmetology, it has received a new life. Just choose a gift certificate for a massage.

“Gift +” from UAH 300 – the service can be ordered as an addition to a gift certificate (at choice: flowers, sweets, fruits, champagne)

How do I purchase a certificate?

  1. 5000 – + 13% (650 UAH) = 5650 UAH goes to your personal account. Valid for 3 months.
  2. 7000 – + 16% (+ 1120 UAH) = 8120 UAH goes to your personal account. Valid for 5 months.
  3. 10000 + 23% (+2300 UAH) = 12300 UAH goes to your personal account. Valid for 8 months.
  • Please be advised that the funds in the Guest’s deposit account can only be used to pay for spa services by the Salon, and cannot be used to purchase cosmetics sold in the Salon.
  • Please be informed that the use of the deposit for the purchase of the Salon gift certificate is not available.
  • If the funds were not used before the expiration of the deposit, they are non-refundable and cannot be used in the future.
  • Deposit programs do not apply to promotions and special offers.

Why would a massage be a wonderful gift for both him and her?

We all know that a good gift is a useful gift. And what could be more important than health? Quite often, we cannot allocate enough time for what we really need, so a gift certificate for a massage will be an excellent way out of this situation.
In the massage studio Deluxe by Bezvuliak you can find unusual types of massage. Such procedures can be performed in two, four, eight and even ten hands. You can choose for your gift yourself:

· Massage time.
· Duration of the procedure.
· The number of hands on the massage.

It is very important that the massage studio offers to purchase certificates even late into the night. Quite often, a person works every day, in the evening, and even having a gift certificate cannot find time to come and implement a massage certificate in Lviv.

For example, the Rose Recovery procedure takes 120 minutes. You can order it from 9:00 am to 5 pm. It will cost UAH 2,400. and if necessary a little later, then for 2900 you can massage up to 21 hours.

If you are looking for a gift for two, or you want to surprise your soul mate, then the offer “Paradise for two” will suit you. An incredible romantic atmosphere, lots of rose petals around, relaxing music, pleasant aroma and professional massage will await you.

You will not only be able to stay in two and enjoy the procedure, but also make a romantic photo session and have a glass of champagne to create a suitable atmosphere. The duration of the procedure is 120 minutes, and the price is 4500 UAH until 17 hours and 5400 until 21 hours.

The Deluxe Massage Studio by Bezvuliak offers massage not only to change your body, but also to change your soul. For example, a gift certificate for the Lome Lome Nui Transformation procedure will help a person not only relax his body, but also relax his soul, let go of thoughts about work, relieve stress and panic. And this will be the best gift from you.

This is not the only choice for recovery. For example, you can purchase “restorative treatments” for yourself or give a gift as a certificate. The master will conduct a massage session for one, one and a half or two hours, if necessary, he uses special tools (banks and blends).

The procedure is aimed at individual recovery of the body. You can choose different duration of the procedure and make sure of its effectiveness. The massage has received many awards, emphasizing its usefulness and quality.

What does a gift certificate give?

A gift in the form of a certificate for a massage in Lviv gives an unforgettable experience. It is also a very useful present.

If you buy a certificate from UAH 5000, your account will additionally receive a 13% discount on your next purchase. These funds are stored for 3 months and can be used not only for the procedure, but also for cosmetics that are sold in the salon.

When buying a certificate from 7000 UAH, you will receive 16% and a validity period of 5 months. And from UAH 10,000 23% and a validity period of 8 months.

A massage certificate in Lviv is perhaps the best gift in this city. On the way to you, a person will rest in body and soul, recover and receive a significant surge of energy.

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