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Thai massage

Thai massage

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Massage details:

Thai massage is one of the most effective types of massage around the world, because it acts on the acupuncture points in our body. Today you do not need to travel to Asia to enjoy a wellness procedure, you just need to choose a good place where you will have a Thai massage in Lviv.

Experts believe that the procedure is “universal”, it launches hidden processes in your body, aimed at curing diseases and preventing possible problems.

What is special about Thai massage?

The history of massage is rooted in ancient Indian and Chinese culture. If you believe the legends, then the founder of the technique was a doctor who treated Indian kings and this technique was passed on to those who were worth the title of healer.

In the modern world, a calm procedure resembles in a certain way meditation, where the client lies, and the specialist, with his hands or even the whole body, affects certain areas, stretching and carefully treating each muscle. Therefore, they say that Thai massage is a technique that provides the most effective point action on individual parts of the body. During the procedure, the master detects inactive areas and works with them. In addition, during the massage, meditative, slow melodies are played, which also relax and make it possible to forget about all the problems for a while.

Benefits of Thai massage

The methods have a lot of advantages and if you understand that at least one of the listed items you need to improve in your appearance or internal state, then you should do a Thai massage.

  • general relaxation of the whole body;
  • active fight against insomnia and fatigue;
  • improving stress resistance and the nervous system;
  • posture correction and muscle corset restoration;
  • improving body flexibility and natural stretching;
  • treatment of injuries and their consequences;
  • rejuvenation of the body;
  • getting rid of excess weight, cellulite and stretch marks;
  • positive effect on the cardiovascular system and blood circulation

Who should try Thai massage, and who is it contraindicated for?

The most useful Thai massage will be for the following groups of people:

  • those who work hard in physical work;
  • those who lead a sedentary lifestyle;
  • those who are overweight;
  • those who have impaired skin elasticity;
  • those who get tired quickly;
  • those who have the initial stage of osteochondrosis.

Thai yoga massage, the price of which pleasantly surprises our guests, because the payment depends on the number of minutes that you choose. A unique complex covering massage, yoga and meditation will help you relax and recover after a hard week of work. The surrounding atmosphere also has a very strong effect on the client’s condition, so our specialists do their best to make the procedure and atmosphere make you feel calm and relaxed.

Our masters take care of your health, so we advise you to familiarize yourself with the list of contraindications with which you should not visit Thai massage in Lviv. For your own health, it is forbidden to attend the procedure:

  1. Pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding.
  2. Cancer patients with benign or malignant tumors.
  3. Chronically ill who have an exacerbation stage.
  4. People who have purulent diseases or inflammatory processes of any localization.
  5. Allergy sufferers.
  6. Clients with untreated fractures, varicose veins, or damaged muscles.
  7. People with mental disorders acting on arousal.

In the case of diabetics and heart patients, Thai massage should be attended only after consulting a doctor.

How to perform a massage

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Popular questions

The difference is more in sensations. Thai massage more relaxes, removes internal clamps and takes tension not only in the muscles, but also in the head. In addition, Thai massage in Lviv is done in such a way that attention is paid to the whole body from head to toe. After the session, you will immediately feel the effect: first, drowsiness and relaxation, and then an incredible burst of energy.

Yes, there is such an opportunity, because one session is like intense fitness training. And if you lead a sedentary image, then after the first sessions, muscle pain may be felt. However, this pain indicates problem areas to look out for. Therefore, after the procedure, contact the master and report the problem, which will be eliminated next time.

In fact, there is no age limit. It is suitable not only for adults, but also for children and the elderly. Simply for each case, the master individually selects the technique, in accordance with the physical condition of the client.
Massage is very useful for children, because it has a positive effect on the nervous, endocrine, immune and circulatory systems. For older people, contraindications in massage can only be in the case of osteochondrosis and hypertension, and in other cases it is even useful, because it improves well-being and develops lost flexibility.

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