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About Tibetan massage

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Nowadays it is very important not to forget to relax and rest. Both the body and the brain require a reboot and relaxation. This was well known to the creators of Tibetan massage Ku-Nye, who developed a whole system of relaxation and renewal of the body. Massage Ku Nye contains elements of yoga, meditation and relaxation massage and is complex for the whole body. This unique massage you can feel on yourself thanks to the masters of the studio of massage art Natalia Bezvulyak, who offer to experience the ancient and useful technique of Tibet in Lviv.

Features of Ku Nye massage

  • Contains elements of yoga and meditation, promotes the stretching of the body
  • Performed on the whole body;
  • Performed on tatami for more comfort;
  • Refers to oil massage, the choice of oils depends on the individual characteristics of the client;
  • It focuses on individual sections and is point-like;
  • Allows during one session to work out in detail both muscles, and joints;
  • Performed with alternating fast and slow movements;
  • There is an integrated system of relaxation of the whole body.
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Why should I try Tibetan massage?
The inhabitants of Tibet for a long time differed in their longevity, health and tranquility. Not the least role in this played a massage, about the healing properties of which were known many thousands of years ago. The unique technique of Tibetan massage Ku-Nye was designed to quickly and effectively restore the physical and emotional state of people, while maintaining this effect for a long time.

This massage refers to the relaxing, because in the first place we feel it is the effect of relaxation. Due to the elements of meditation you can abstract from the outside world and just relax. But this does not detract from his physical influence on the human body. Alternating fast and slow movements, the masseur creates the effect of a contrasting shower, when the body starts to work at full speed. The choice of intensity of receptions largely depends on which area the master works on, because you can not use the same techniques on different parts of the body – some of them require delicate and smooth work. And since Ku Nye is a point massage, it allows you to literally massage each joint and muscle, but it is performed so delicately and smoothly that it does not interfere with relaxation.

Tibetan massage is very versatile, it uses a lot of techniques. And this allows you to improve the individual approach to the client, because you can pick up those techniques and movements that will be optimal for this particular case. Tibetan Ku-Nye massage is performed using massage oils that are applied to the entire body. This allows you to relax more quickly, and also makes the massage itself much more pleasant, and the movements of the master are smooth and easy.

In the Massage Studio of Natalia Bezvulyak, the best experts in their field will perform the Tibetan massage of Ku Nye as if you were really going to visit Tibet. In this case, you do not even have to leave the boundaries of Lviv.

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