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Author’s course from Natalia Bezvulyak

Author’s course from Natalia Bezvulyak

This technique won 4 first places at the massage championships and is a favorite among the premium guests of Natalia Bezvulyak’s studio.

Harmonious intertwining of massage cultures of Tibet, the East and Europe! Lots of carefully selected techniques and no extra movements! The technique allows you to take up to 9 hours a day without fatigue.

You will find:

  • A set of perfectly honed actions and no unnecessary movements!
  • Ethics and culture of submission!
  • Professional approach!
  • Great atmosphere!

The massage is performed on the tatami with the help not only of the hands, but also of the body parts, due to which the master not only does not get tired, but also stretches and develops his own body! This is one of the favorite courses of our graduates, because thanks to the knowledge and skills of the teacher, this seminar charges with energy, inspiration and continuous satisfaction.

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Lviv, Lviv region, 79005 street
Rudanskoho 3a
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