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Children’s massage course

Children’s massage course

Duration: from 10.00 to 18.00 pm
Teacher: Pavlo Levko

The seminar will be useful both for massage masters who want to improve their skills and learn a new direction, and for parents who want to do massage for their children! Massage for children from the first year of life is a healing touch / From 2 months.

Preventive, therapeutic and correction of posture disorders

It has the most favorable effect on the physical development of children and their neuropsychological status. During the massage there is a mild effect on various structures of the central nervous system, increases its tone, improves its ability to control the processes occurring in the body.

Fascial massage with instruments (IASTM) from Taras Olenich

Soft tissue mobilization tools (international name IASTM).

  • popular in all leading countries
  • are widely used in sports medicine, cosmetology, or in a complex of SPA-procedures
  • effective in working with tissues at all levels, from skin and subcutaneous tissue to deep ligaments
  • you can work point or wide and planar
  • tools from hypoallergenic medical steel are made
  • completely painless, pleasant relaxation sensations

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Lviv, Lviv region, 79005 street
Rudanskoho 3a
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