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Thai deep massage

Thai deep massage

Teacher: Alexander Belyi

Thai deep massage is a unique seminar with a super master of deep techniques, a healer and a yogi – Alexander White 95% practice! Standing hands.

This course is a set of different massage techniques and author’s developments in the process of practice for 10 years, namely:

  • Thai classical massage technician
  • chiropractic
  • Thai foot massage
  • twisting and stretching techniques (stretching)
  • vibrating techniques (palsing)
  • techniques of working with meridians, fascia and the impact on acupuncture points.

We will work with the whole body. From the feet to the very top. The second name of the technique is “tube squeezing”. We work from the bottom to the top, we process the meridians and free the body from “heavy” energies, removing the blocks and opening the meridians. It all depends on the degree of influence and the correct angle of entry into points and meridians. The seminar will show examples of in-depth study of stress zones.

In the program of the first module:

  1. Work with the feet (basic elements, relaxation techniques, diagnosis of the foot and problem areas, pain therapy-removal of blocks and clamps due to deep point techniques)
  2. Working with the legs in a supine position (deep techniques of point effects on the meridians, the point of opening the knees, the opening of the pelvic and sacral area, vibration relaxation techniques, stretching and twisting techniques)
  3. Work with the back (basic techniques of oriental styles, work with meridians, advanced elbow techniques, manual techniques, technique of opening the shoulders, stretching).
  4. Head and neck massage

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Lviv, Lviv region, 79005 street
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