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Duration: 2 days
Cost: 5 500 - 6 000 (the price includes hammers)

Tok-Sen is an ancient healing technique. There are no hopeless situations – there is insufficient depth of work. Technique of vibration massage of the face, head, neck, back, legs, feet, arms, abdomen with the help of tools.

Alexander – master of massage practices, yoga, healer, traveler.

Tok-Sen massage is a unique vibrating technique, which is based on the technology of tapping the body with special wooden tools: a hammer and sticks. Translated, it means: “Current – the sound emitted by a blow from a tree on a tree and Sen – energy lines passing through the human body.”

Massage effect: ⠀

  • Removal of blocks in power channels
  • Relaxation of facial and body muscles
  • Video of energy movement, microcirculation and blood circulation.
  • Improving the mobility of the fascia of the whole body
  • Dynamic drainage – elimination of edema
  • Expressed facelift and wrinkle smoothing
  • Total rejuvenation at the deep level.
  • Therapeutic effect-removes the causes of migraines and headaches.
  • Deep facial massage is a unique technique of modeling the contour of the face, restoring the elasticity and tone of the skin, deep work with the body and blocked emotions.

What is the effect of a fatal facial massage:

  • smoothing of facial skin, nasolabial folds, facial wrinkles;
  • the skin “opens” from the inside, all the accumulated tension is “pushed out” through the pores;
  • instant toning of the skin, the appearance of a natural blush;
  • skin tightening, feeling of fullness and velvetiness;
  • correction of the oval face;
  • the facial expression changes, it opens, radiates freshness, purity and light;
  • dissolving “social” and emotional clamps, revitalizing the face from within!

During the massage, the person also undergoes psychological “processing” of internal issues that caused this tension.

And most importantly – you will also be able to form new reactions to stressful situations that will be more positive and adequate, and will not allow you to accumulate “new garbage” in the form of tension, blocked emotions and, as a result, new wrinkles on the face!

Secondly, due to the deeper pressure, deep massage stimulates the production of collagen – which leads to a pronounced lifting effect of the massage.

Deep facial massage is a natural way to always be young and beautiful!

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Lviv, Lviv region, 79005 street
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