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Author’s massage

Author’s massage

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Massage details:

Author’s massage in Lviv will allow you to get the feelings that you have never met before. And also you will cheer up with a huge dose of pleasant emotions and strengthen your health.

This type of massage was developed by the director of the studio of massage art Deluxe by Natalia Bezvliak. The massage combines the best movements of thirty techniques. This complex harmoniously combines the best relaxing techniques of the most useful massages of the world – relaxation of the European massages and healing properties of Asian techniques. As a result, your body will be carefully worked on by the hands of a skilled master. The author’s massage in Lviv combines all the best that is available in all the well-known techniques.

In the author’s massage, reviews of which you can read on the website, all the best of the known techniques is combined. That is, in one session you’ll get the following:

  1. A classic European massage that helps your muscles relax and open active points on the body.
  2. Thai massage, which helps to work on your stretching.
  3. Tibetan Massage, which promotes the disclosure of energy channels.

That’s right! In one author’s massage in Lviv you will be able to get all the best from the most useful techniques. It’s a pretty good way to spend your free time, isn’t it?

Why should you choose the author’s massage?

Creating such a massage technique is the result of tremendous work. Natalia Bezvuliak has analyzed the advantages of the 30 most effective massage techniques personally for you and chose among them the best movements that will bring the most relaxation and benefit to your body.

The result will surely surprise you how unusual will be the feelings of the author’s massage in Lviv. The quality of the techniques used has been repeatedly confirmed and proved by experts. What achievements is Natalia Bezvuliak famous for?

  1. Non-appealing victory in the competition of copyright techniques “Clash of the Titans”.
  2. Leader in the First Massage Championship in Western Ukraine.
  3. Favourite massage of our clients.


How will this massage help you?

Thanks to the use of different techniques and methods, the health effect on the body is also great. This means that you will definitely improve blood flow, transport oxygen to organs and tissues. As a result, the metabolism and the general well-being of the organism are accelerated. Due to the skillful movements of the master the muscles are thoroughly warmed up, which allows you to relax them by removing the tension.

After the session of the author’s massage, which prices will surprise you with their availability, you will improve the mood; the body will be filled with energy for new achievements. Do not even talk about the huge amount of pleasure you will receive during a session.

In the studio of massage art Deluxe by Natalia Bezvuliak, you will forget about all the problems. You will abstract from the outside world and find yourself in a man-made tale where you will feel very well.

The Author’s massage in Lviv is a huge benefit for the body, saturated with a large amount of energy, as well as an acquaintance with the multicultural world through the master’s touching to your body. And you are ready to get unique feelings that you will never forget in your life?


How to perform a massage

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Popular questions

Deluxe by Bezvuliak Massage Centre is a place for rest and recovery. All you have to do is to phone us and arrange a visit. Here you will be welcomed by our friendly staff. You do not have to bring anything – we have every single thing to make you feel comfortable.

Of course it is worth coming earlier. This allows you to change your shoes, visit the bathroom and in the welcoming atmosphere of Deluxe by Bezvuliak, settle in for an outstanding experience and pleasure.

All massages at our Massage Centre have a revitalizing effect. If you have an individual needs or if you feel pain in certain areas that you would like to focus on – then choose either the Rehabilitation Therapy or Fantasy of the Master Massage. If you want a relaxing massage with therapeutic effects, then all the massages that we offer are specially designed for you. Give us a call and we will help you find the best option.

Each massage type has its own individual characteristics. It always depends on what you are expecting from the session – relaxation, an energy filler, some new emotions or a revitalization. For example, Ayurvedic or Four-Hand Massage will help you to relax as much as possible. This also applies to all spa massages. If you want to feel something special – try the Master Fantasy Massage, the Lomi Lomi Nui or Emotion Volcano. We can also offer exclusive massages suitable for couples, such as Tune for two Hearts or Paradise for Two.

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