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Children’s massage

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About children's massage

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A healthy child is the path to the happiness of parents. Massage for children is something that can help their health. In the Massage Studio of Natalia Bezvulyak, we provide massage for children both for curative and preventive purposes. This massage positively affects the well-being, the musculoskeletal system and the general condition of the body. It is carried out very delicately and taking into account the individual characteristics of the child, because every child requires a special approach. The earlier you begin to surround the child with health-improving procedures, the stronger and healthier it will be in adulthood. And the tactile sensations of the massage will make the child more open and active, because children in particular require touch and pleasant sensations.

Features of massage for children

  • It is carried out for both treatment and prevention;
  • Recommended for scoliosis, clubfoot, flat feet, cerebral palsy, hernias and the like;
  • Provides an individual approach to the child;
  • Very delicate and smooth;
  • Eliminates pain in the muscles and joints, if any;
  • Positively affects the emotional state of the child;
  • If necessary - performed in the presence of parents.
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The effect of massage on the baby’s body
Children are the flowers of our life. We want to see them healthy and happy. To do this, we monitor their nutrition, physical health and take care of their safety. While the child is growing, it is very important to support and help him develop. It is during the period of active growth that all the health indicators are laid – the musculoskeletal system is formed, the immune system is functioning, and the work of the internal organs is established. At this time, the child requires attention, care, additional sources of energy.

Everyone knows that children should be physically active – running, swimming, playing sports and the like. This contributes to their growth and development and strengthens the entire body. But sometimes this activity is not enough. Increasingly, children have problems with their back at a very early age, due to a lack of vitamins, a sedentary lifestyle, ecology, and the like. When there is a massage for children, it is twice as effective as for adults, because children absorb everything at a double speed – even massage. As a result of the massage, the body relaxes, and the child is filled with new forces, it improves blood circulation, accelerates metabolic processes, it becomes alert and healthy.

Why do we have a massage for children

Usually, children’s massage is carried out when there are some problems with the health of the child. Traditional medicine has long confirmed the fact that massage can help overcome many difficulties at an early stage of their development. However, very often, children’s massage is carried out for prevention, because it is better to prevent than treat. Preventive massage acts as a certain additional way to strengthen and strengthen the child.

At the Massage Studio in Lviv, we take care of ensuring that the children feel comfortable and comfortable during the massage. The best qualified masters will perfectly hold a massage session, so that the massage is not only useful, but also enjoyable. Prices for massage for children will pleasantly surprise you, and in order that you do not worry, you can be present during the massage and monitor it.

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