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What is Thai massage and how is it done on the couch?

Aug 10 2021 Published by under Uncategorized

If you go for a massage for a very long time, you may inadvertently think that you will not be surprised by anything. Involuntarily you catch yourself thinking that you were here and tried, wondering if there will be something interesting this time. And here is another week, a new story.

When I first tried Thai massage at the Natalia Bezvulyak Massage Studio, I promised that I would definitely come back to it (and wrote a separate article) – I really liked it. But I did not think that I would return so soon and even for an updated massage. The novelty was that this time the massage was performed on a massage table, and if you feel quite comfortable, spacious and free on the tatami, the very idea that such a massage can be performed on a couch, seems a bit unbelievable (at least to me, inexperienced as shows practice to the visitor).

What are the difficulties and why I could not imagine it, you can understand from the previous article on Thai yoga massage. The key word here is “yoga”, because massage involves the active interaction of the master with the client and the special activity of the client, who has to stretch the muscles well during the session, and therefore – to work. As a reminder, I will highlight the main features of Thai massage:

Unlike many other types of massage, this one is performed in clothing – a free form that does not restrict movement and allows you to freely manipulate your own body.

Thai massage – is aimed at stretching or stretching the body, it is performed in such a way that gradually warms up all areas and stretches as much as possible in different ways.

The effectiveness and impression of the massage depends on how flexible you are at the time of the procedure. The better your physical shape, the more manipulations the master will be able to perform and the more noticeable the effect will be.

The technique of massage also depends on the client’s capabilities – from simple to complex, and there are several varieties, so you can gradually increase the load.

Thai massage should be performed as often as possible. Every day you need to spend some time for stretching and from time to time you can fix the results with a massage.

Indications for Thai massage:

  • Regular exercise and the need to relax.
  • Muscle strain after active physical activity.
  • The need for outside help in improving their own skills and abilities.
  • Sedentary lifestyle, weak stretching.


  • Hernia.
  • Inflammatory processes in the body.
  • Severe diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.

Indications, features and contraindications, as well as the positive effects of such a massage are common to both table and tatami massages. However, these two techniques have many differences both technically and sensationally:

The technique of massage is changing, because the master is in a different position. New elements are added, some on the contrary are removed, and despite the fact that you may not be at the Thai massage for the first time, the feeling will still be fresh, because it is impossible to prepare for new elements in advance.

With the new techniques and the fact that the body is higher than on the tatami, it is possible to better work those areas that usually remain on the periphery. In particular, work is very active on the lumbar region, which in other circumstances is very difficult to stir and force to work.

When the body is in the highest position, it is more convenient for the master to manipulate it.


It feels like this massage resembles a yoga class, during which you have to try hard to make it work. What is difficult: during the massage it was difficult for me to equalize my breathing and breathe properly – calmly, deeply, rhythmically. This was partly due to the fact that the new massage causes a lot of interest, questions, and therefore – stimulates the brain, the release of hormones, in this state it is difficult not to think about anything and just breathe. Partially distracted by the massage table, which you need to get used to for the first 5-10 minutes, because it is very difficult to imagine a dynamic massage on the couch. And this despite the fact that breathing during the massage is extremely important, it can be said that the main work of the client during the session, although sometimes it is very difficult to perform.

In addition, this massage is an active work of the muscles, and if the body is not accustomed to stretching, it is difficult to follow all the instructions correctly. I would like to emphasize that any muscle contraction is a nerve impulse that is transmitted from the brain, and it is important to have the right mood and attitude to productive work. Having already visited two sessions of Thai massage, I, of course, want a third, it will suit any of the previous techniques. At first I thought that for some time I would form my favorite types / techniques, but I would not react to others. After two different Thai massage sessions, I can say that it is good that there is no need to choose.

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Massage for scoliosis: an effective solution to the problem

Aug 10 2021 Published by under Uncategorized

Scoliosis is a very unpleasant disease that affects a large number of people. The worst thing about it is probably that this disease is actively progressing at an early age, and at the age of 6 a child can have a serious curvature of the spine. The curved position of the bone and vertebrae is also complemented by intermittent pain in the lower back and sometimes the entire back. In general – a very unpleasant phenomenon.

But science and medicine are advancing, and over many years of practice, doctors have finally been able to find several ways to treat scoliosis. One of the most effective is massage. With this procedure, the patient is gradually relieved of discomfort and his well-being improves. And many people who suffer from this disease are interested in one question – how is this miraculous procedure performed? In today’s article we will tell you about all the stages of massage for scoliosis.

The main aspects of the procedure

Before you start, you must first understand what this massage is. This is a differentiated effect on all muscle groups. Those fibers that have been in tension all the time are relaxed and stretched. With the help of specific movements, the muscles literally come to their senses and get rid of all loads. Also, during the procedure, the master partially treats the pectoral muscles and abdominal muscles.

How is massage performed for scoliosis?

The process begins with the doctor consulting a masseur about the future patient and explaining the specifics of his body, as this will be taken into account during the massage. Remember that in this case, massage is not just a set of chaotic movements. During the initial healing, the main task is to stimulate the surface tissues of the body. When the curvature of the spine is eliminated, the emphasis shifts, and the procedure is performed according to a longer method. More attention is paid to other muscle groups (chest, thighs and press). This is done in order to consolidate the updated model of body movement.

The procedure for massage for scoliosis

The masseur places the patient on his stomach, placing his hands along the body. The master stands at a 45-degree angle to the table and begins to make slow movements along the two parts of the back, gradually increasing the pressure on the muscles. The main emphasis is on the spine.

This “warm-up” is followed by rubbing. They are performed with the edge of the palm, changing position every second and a half. In general, you need to make about 10-12 movements on each side of the back. Next, the masseur changes position, sitting perpendicular to the table, placing his feet twice the width of his shoulders. Using the base of the left palm and the edge of the right, he clings to the subcutaneous fold at the level of the maximum possible thickness and begins to rub it with cross movements. This element should be done very slowly and carefully, because all the muscles and fibers must be involved. In general, there should be 3-4 “passes” along
the whole back, after which it is necessary to make soothing rubs.

The final stage of massage for scoliosis is additional massage of the lower back and back in general with the use of additional weight. The patient lies on his side, a pillow is placed under his chest (left) and across (right), and additional weight is attached to his right leg (left) and left arm (right). The masseur then makes slow movements, pulling the muscles away from the spine, gradually approaching the upper back. A total of 3-4 approaches lasting from 5 to 7 minutes are done. After that, sharp shocks are applied with the palms, which last 2-3 minutes.

How long is the course

For complete treatment of scoliosis, the patient must attend at least three courses a year, where each course will be from 20 to 25 sessions. The duration of the procedure will gradually increase from 15 to 45 minutes. Yes, it is a long process, but remember that massage is the most effective procedure for scoliosis.

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What to give a guy

Aug 03 2021 Published by under Uncategorized

How to make an original gift for a guy who will definitely like him and can remain a pleasant memory in his memory? To do this, you need to qualitatively think about what exactly men love, namely your beloved. In this article, we have outlined interesting ideas for you on what to give a guy so that he feels incredibly happy.

An interesting birthday present for a guy

The most difficult thing to make a gift for a guy is in two cases: either you recently started dating or you have been living together for a long time. In the first case, you still know little about what exactly the second half likes. And in the second case, they have already given so many different things and do not know how such an original can be given to a guy.

It is advisable, when choosing a suitable presentation, to take into account what preferences your boyfriend has, what he likes to do. For example, what can you give a man who is interested in tourism? There are many options here, including hunting knives, tents and other equipment for tourism.

Useful gifts for men – original ideas

Do you know that the first forty years of a man’s childhood are the most difficult? And this is true, because even at a venerable age, a man’s soul needs children’s and teenage toys. It would be great to get many men, for example, a game console. It could be some kind of toy from his childhood that will allow you to enjoy the nostalgia.

Also, every young person would like to receive a quadrocopter as a birthday present. This is a wonderful toy that has a huge number of possibilities.

A perfect gift for a professional shaving razor. This allows you to shave all hairs in a quality manner for a perfect shave. Or if a guy doesn’t want to get rid of his beard, then a quality trimmer will allow him to take care of the high-quality appearance of the hair layer on his face. And this gift can be considered useful for both: for the man and you.

A bag chair is an original version, a case that will allow a guy to relax perfectly. Such a gift to a loved one is often found in popular TV series, since a convenient thing has really become a cult in the culture of the Western world. And don’t forget that bean bag chairs are often installed in modern office lounges for employees, as they are a proven way of relaxation.

If a chair bag is an opportunity to relax at home, then a hammock is a wonderful birthday present for a husband if he likes to relax in nature. An easy-to-use, but still effective thing that everyone will definitely like.

For lovers of adrenaline, an action camera is perfect, which allows you to easily capture interesting moments of life. This can be while riding bicycles, snowboards, ATVs. A universal thing that will allow you to remember incredible impressions.

Any modern technology is perfect as an original gift. Popular gifts for children as new headphones, smart alarms, electric scooters, watches, e-books. Such presentations will definitely be useful.

Classic delicious gift

How can you imagine celebrating a birthday without a cake? Now there are so many options for such baking that it can have any taste and appearance, have pleasant messages and declarations of love.

The edible bouquet also belongs to this category. Such a gift for a guy is inexpensive, versatile and easily done on his own. And besides, it can be made from your boyfriend’s favorite foods.

The best gift for a man – why is it worth registering it in the massage studio of Natalia Bezvulyak?

All gifts above are material. By the way, it’s great to use or play for a certain amount of time. But to give emotions and real bodily pleasure is the best answer to the question “what to give a guy?” Because it will surely be remembered in memory and will allow in the guy’s head to create an association of pleasant emotions with you, which will further bind him emotionally to you.

Book a trip to a massage studio for your loved one. Let him feel:

  • Complete relaxation of your whole body
  • Pleasure from SPA procedures;
  • Complete mental reboot
  • Wellness effect.

And in return, you will get your new husband who will feel pleasure from life, pleasant emotions and gratitude from incredible relaxing procedures.

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