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Massage for scoliosis: an effective solution to the problem


Scoliosis is a very unpleasant disease that affects a large number of people. The worst thing about it is probably that this disease is actively progressing at an early age, and at the age of 6 a child can have a serious curvature of the spine. The curved position of the bone and vertebrae is also complemented by intermittent pain in the lower back and sometimes the entire back. In general – a very unpleasant phenomenon.

But science and medicine are advancing, and over many years of practice, doctors have finally been able to find several ways to treat scoliosis. One of the most effective is massage. With this procedure, the patient is gradually relieved of discomfort and his well-being improves. And many people who suffer from this disease are interested in one question – how is this miraculous procedure performed? In today’s article we will tell you about all the stages of massage for scoliosis.

The main aspects of the procedure

Before you start, you must first understand what this massage is. This is a differentiated effect on all muscle groups. Those fibers that have been in tension all the time are relaxed and stretched. With the help of specific movements, the muscles literally come to their senses and get rid of all loads. Also, during the procedure, the master partially treats the pectoral muscles and abdominal muscles.

How is massage performed for scoliosis?

The process begins with the doctor consulting a masseur about the future patient and explaining the specifics of his body, as this will be taken into account during the massage. Remember that in this case, massage is not just a set of chaotic movements. During the initial healing, the main task is to stimulate the surface tissues of the body. When the curvature of the spine is eliminated, the emphasis shifts, and the procedure is performed according to a longer method. More attention is paid to other muscle groups (chest, thighs and press). This is done in order to consolidate the updated model of body movement.

The procedure for massage for scoliosis

The masseur places the patient on his stomach, placing his hands along the body. The master stands at a 45-degree angle to the table and begins to make slow movements along the two parts of the back, gradually increasing the pressure on the muscles. The main emphasis is on the spine.

This “warm-up” is followed by rubbing. They are performed with the edge of the palm, changing position every second and a half. In general, you need to make about 10-12 movements on each side of the back. Next, the masseur changes position, sitting perpendicular to the table, placing his feet twice the width of his shoulders. Using the base of the left palm and the edge of the right, he clings to the subcutaneous fold at the level of the maximum possible thickness and begins to rub it with cross movements. This element should be done very slowly and carefully, because all the muscles and fibers must be involved. In general, there should be 3-4 “passes” along
the whole back, after which it is necessary to make soothing rubs.

The final stage of massage for scoliosis is additional massage of the lower back and back in general with the use of additional weight. The patient lies on his side, a pillow is placed under his chest (left) and across (right), and additional weight is attached to his right leg (left) and left arm (right). The masseur then makes slow movements, pulling the muscles away from the spine, gradually approaching the upper back. A total of 3-4 approaches lasting from 5 to 7 minutes are done. After that, sharp shocks are applied with the palms, which last 2-3 minutes.

How long is the course

For complete treatment of scoliosis, the patient must attend at least three courses a year, where each course will be from 20 to 25 sessions. The duration of the procedure will gradually increase from 15 to 45 minutes. Yes, it is a long process, but remember that massage is the most effective procedure for scoliosis.